Saudi Legalisation of UK Documents

Important notes regarding educational qualifications for use in Saudi Arabia

1) You MUST arrange for the verification of your qualification at the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau before sending them to us. We can only handle submissions to the FCO and the Embassy and cannot answer any queries regarding your submission.

2) All documents being legalised for Saudi Arabia now require a copy of your passport along with the rest of your documents. Please make sure to include this when sending your documents to us.

Important note regarding the legalisation of Police certificates for use in Saudi Arabia 

The Saudi Arabian Embassy no longer accept Disclosure Scotland and DBS Police Certificates for legalisation. If you need a Police Certificate legalised for Saudi, please acquire one from ACRO instead. 

This service allows you to legalise a UK-issued document for use within Saudi Arabia.

  • Step 1 - Choose the Type of Document you are sending
  • Step 2 - Provide the person named on the document
  • Step 3 - Choose how fast you want the Saudi legalisation completed

Complete the form below to order:

Name on Document:  
Document Type:  
Service Speed:  

Service Fee:  £49.00(Exc. 20% VAT)(£58.80 Inc. VAT)

The service includes:

  • Addition of a UK Apostille Stamp to your document(s) (where needed)
  • For Educational Certificates, you will need to have arranged for them to have been certified by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau before we can submit them to the Embassy in London
  • Attendance at the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia to legalise the document(s) following the UK Apostille Legalisation

Both UK & Saudi dispersements are included.

Please see below for additional information if you need help completing the form above.

Document Notes

  • Note 1 - Birth, Marriage, Death & Adoption certificates must be original certified copies. We cannot legalise photocopies certified by a solicitor or Notary Public
  • Note 2 - Birth Certificates are advised to be the Long-Form version if the document is to support any legal or official purpose as Short-Form certificates are rarely accepted by any authority
  • Note 3 - Deed Poll change of name documents require certification by a UK solicitor or Notary Public before being legalised. If you have yet to arrange this certification, we can arrange this on your behalf. Simply choose the 'Non-Certified Deed Poll' option above
  • Note 4 - Power of Attorney documents must be countersigned by a Notary Public (not a solicitor) before being legalised
  • Note 5 - Statutory Declarations require countersigning by a UK Solicitor or Notary Public before we can undertake the legalisation process 

Important Note Regarding Educational Documents

Degree certificates and other educational documents require a specific process for legalisation. You must pass the document(s) to the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau in London (SACB) BEFORE they can be sent to the FCO to be apostilled. They can then be readied for submission to the Saudi Arabian Embassy in London. The Cultural Bureau will attempt to make contact with the issuer of your educational document to validate it's authenticity. Vital Certificates can send your documents to the FCO and to the Saudi Embassy, but you must submit your document to the SACB yourself before bringing it to us.

Once you send your SACB-verified document to us, (along with the original copy of the document and a copy of your passport) we will have it certified by a solicitor and send it to the FCO on your behalf, before having it attested by the Saudi Embassy in London.

To speed up the time taken to legalise your qualification, you are advised to contact the registrar who issued the document to ask them to respond quickly to this request. The order will not go any further until this validation process has been completed and so it is in your best interests to contact them. Regrettably, due to the Data Protection Act, we are unable to contact your qualification provider on your behalf.

Due to the above process, the time taken to legalise an educational qualification will vary. It is not uncommon for this to take several months so please allow sufficient time to process your legalisation application. Once you have received the documents back from the SACB you can then send them to us for FCO and Saudi Embassy submission.

Please note: We are unable to assist with the SACB process and cannot answer any questions about your application with them. We can only fulfill the steps regarding the FCO and the Saudi Embassy.

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