UK Birth Certificate with Apostille Stamp

Choose this service to obtain an official replacement UK Birth Certificate legalised by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office for use in any Hague Convention country. The service includes:

  • Issue of a certified replacement birth certificate
  • Apostille Stamp attached to the birth certificate to validate the document for use outside the UK

UK Apostille fees (dispersements) are included.

  • Step 1 - Complete the detail of the birth certificate you require
  • Step 2 - Choose how fast you want the certificate ready for dispatch
  • Step 3 - Choose whether you require a backup copy by email (Scan & Send)

Complete the form below to order:

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Service Fee:  £74.95(Exc. 20% VAT)(£89.94 Inc. VAT)

Notes for online ordering

  • Certificates are original, certified copies acceptable for all official purposes
  • The certificates supplied are long-form and include parents names
  • Birth certificates are available from July 1837 to the present day
  • For a birth since 1959, all fields are required to be completed
  • If this person has been adopted, you will need to order a Legalised Adoption Certificate
  • Under UK Law you can apply for any persons certificate if you know their details

Please see below for additional information if you need help completing the form above.

Guidance Notes

This section is designed to answer questions you may have when completing the form above. If there is anything you are unsure of, please feel free to call a member of our sales team on +44 (0) 333 088 1142 who will be happy to help.

Full Name at Birth

For births since 1959, we will require the full name on the birth certificate including any middle names. Where the name has changed, please be careful to put the name as it was at the time the birth was registered.

Date of Birth

The full date of birth is required for all births since 1959. For births before this, only the year is required. We will search 2 years either side of the date supplied to locate the correct record.

Father's Full Name

This field is required for births since 1959. If the father was not listed on the certificate, please enter "Not Named" in the form above.

Mother's Full Name

This field is required for births since 1959. The name should be entered as the mother was known at the time of the birth.

Mother's Maiden Surname

This field is required for births since 1959. The maiden surname is the name the mother was known as when she was born. Although this is not required for births before 1959, the information is often used as a checking point to ensure that the correct certificate is produced.

Place of Birth

Please provide this information as best as is known. For births since 2006, the exact place of birth is required.

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