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The Simplest Way To Legalise UK Documents

Are you ready for the Legalisation 1-2-3...?

  1. Send us your UK document(s)
  2. We handle all aspects of the legalisation
  3. We send them back to you (or anywhere else you might need)

It really is that simple!

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We offer discounts when you are having multiple documents legalised at the same time. If you would like us to prepare an individual quotation for your requirements, please request a quote.

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Alternatively, if you have just one document, you can book your legalisation online now.

100% Acceptance Guarantee

You can rest assured that by using our service, your legalised documents will be accepted within Kuwait. This is obviously very important! We follow strict procedures so that your document will be accepted and make this bold guarantee to you - you pay nothing if our legalisation is rejected. (This has never happened by the way).

Save Time and Money

We'd like to bet your time is worth a great deal to you. Legalising your own documents would conservatively take you a minimum of 1 week to complete on your own (assuming you are in the UK). That's apart from the travel to different offices, time taken to locate a recognised solicitor or Notary Public, an overnight stay (or more) whilst your documents are stamped, hotel and travel fees. The list goes on. Not to mention if you need to use up precious holiday time to get it all done. One call to us and we'll take all the hassle away for you.

Is Your Deadline Tight?

You are certainly in the right place. Not only do we offer a 4-5 day turnaround where required, you can send your documents to us and we will fly the legalised copies out to meet you.

99.7% Legalisation Rate

Surely only a 99.7% legalisation rate means we failed before? Not at all. We scrutinise every document before costs are incurred to check that they will be accepted in Kuwait. If we didn't, the failure rate would be much, much higher. But despite all our checks, on two occasions a bogus document was presented to us which we did't catch. Naturally they didn't get legalised as only real documents can be processed. If your documents are genuine, you have nothing to worry about.

Book your Kuwait Legalisation online now, or call us on +44 (0) 330 088 1142 for advice or to arrange your legalisation.

Legalising UK Documents for use in Kuwait

The Kuwaiti authorities will usually require documents that have been issued in the UK to be legalised before they can be used in Kuwait. This is a two-step process which requires the addition of an Apostille Stamp by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and then subsequent consular legalisation by the Kuwaiti Embassy in London.

The most common documents that require legalisation are Birth, Marriage & Death certificates, Educational Qualifications, and Company Registration documents. We can however arrange to legalise any officially-issued document that may be required.

For the avoidance of doubt, legalisation is sometimes referred to as attestation.

Extra Requirements for Kuwait Legalisation

As of February 2016, the Kuwait Embassy in London have informed us that they will now require a scan of both the bride and groom's passport photo pages, to legalise marriage certificates for Kuwait. Please bear this in mind and send the necessary documents as a package to avoid delays. 

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