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Relocation Services

Since 2006, we have helped thousands of UK Citizens by offering Certificate Replacement, Translation and Attestation services. We have really become experts in this matter, as we have made it possible for practically any UK-officially issued document to be used abroad.

In 2013 we launched our full relocation experience, tailored to your individual requirements, to help you in this exciting but daunting process. This way, you will be able to invest your precious time in whatever else you enjoy doing whilst we take care of practically everything from the moment you decide to move to your arrival in-country.

What exactly can Vital Certificates help you with?

Cultural awareness training

Learn how to communicate successfully and work more effectively across different cultures.

Financial health check

Ensure you are all set for your move and get the best advice on how to sort out your finances before leaving the UK.

Flights and temporary accommodation in your new destination

Let us take care of your flight and any temporary accommodation you will need at your destination.

In-country orientation tour

Get acquainted with local living conditions and visit neighbourhoods and schools that would be suitable for you and your family.  We can find suitable properties based on your criteria and assist you with all the relevant paperwork.

Medical insurance advice

Receive the best advice regarding the type of cover you and your family need to be fully protected in your new place.

Pet relocation

Make sure your pets meet all the requirements to be moved so you can enjoy each other’s company in your new place.

Settling in assistance

From helping you with the paperwork for the connection of your utilities, telephone and satellite to introducing you to different neighbourhoods and expat organisations.

School assistance

If you need some help with your children moving schools, our company will produce a report of schools in your new place based on your schooling requirements so you can choose. We can even arrange school tours for you and assist with the application and enrolment process.


From wrapping, packing and collecting your belongings from your current residence ensuring you have all the correct paperwork and documentation ready for the change, to offer you delivery and unpacking services at your destination address.

Will advice

Make sure you have a legally recognised will to avoid incidentals. In a Muslim country all the courts work by the Sharia Laws in cases of inheritance if you don’t, so you would probably face a non-desired distribution of assets. Our expert can come to your home to ensure everything is correct.