New Employment Laws require Birth Certificates

If you are applying for a new job, under recent legislation your new potential employer will require you to show your Birth Certificate or passport before they will be able to hire you.

Key information at a glance:

  • Since 1st November 2008 all applicants are required to provide either a Birth Certificate or Passport as proof of British Citizen Status
  • Birth Certificates must be the Full (A4) version which includes details of the parents of the child. A Short version is no longer an acceptable form of identification
  • For a married female, the Marriage Certificate will also be required to prove the transition from your birth name to your current name
  • Adopted persons will be required to show their Adoption Certificate. It is not necessary to produce your original Birth Certificate
  • If you have changed your name by Deed Poll you will be required to show your Birth Certificate along with your Deed Poll certificate
  • The certificate must be an Original, Certified Copy and cannot be a copy certified as true by a solicitor

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