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Deed Polls

A Deed Poll is a legal declaration of a change of name. In the UK, you can have a Deed Poll created to change your name if you do not have any other official paperwork to demonstrate the change, such as a marriage certitificate, Decree Absolute or adoption certificate.

You can choose which Deed you require below. A Child Deed Poll is for any individual under the age of 16.

How do I request my Deed Poll?

Complete the online form for your chosen Deed Poll type

Add the Deed Poll to your basket and complete your purchase

We will check, prepare and professionally bind your Deed Poll

We'll then post your completed document and any copies to you

Do I need a Replacement Deed Poll?

If you previously had a Deed and have since lost it, you can simply order a new one to replace it. If, however, you need to prove you have been officially using your current name since a certain date, you will need a replacement, or "retroactive", Deed Poll.

This takes the form of a statutory declaration, which must be signed and witnessed in person by a solicitor and you will need to provide evidence of usage to cover the time frame for which you are declaring.

Why is this necessary? Any new Deed Poll you create will only be valid from the date it is signed by you and your witnesses. In the majority of cases, this doesn't cause an issue, but if you are going through a legal process or need to prove it for financial reasons, this more formal document may be requested.

If you require a Retroactive Deed Poll, just get in touch.

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If you're not sure whether you need a Deed Poll, or just want to know more about the process, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Read our FAQs

Who will accept my deed poll?

We guarantee 100% acceptance for any Deed Poll issued by Vital Certificates, provided it's been completed and witnessed correctly once you receive it. This includes the DVLA, insurers, HM Passport Office, employers, utility companies, banks, education institutions and anywhere else you need to update your details. We provide an easy-to-follow guide with every Deed Poll order to help you complete the document correctly and if you still need support, our team is always here to help.

UK Adult Deed Poll

UK Adult Deed Poll£25.00

If you would like to officially change your name, you may require a Deed Poll. A Deed Poll, once signed and witnessed, is a formal legal document stating you are giving up your previous name and intend to use your newly chosen new name for all purposes. Our UK Adult Deeds polls are for:

  • individuals over the age of 16
  • British nationals

A Deed Poll from Vital Certificates is accepted by all UK governmental departments such as the DVLA, HM Passport Office, as well as banks, utility companies and education institutions.

We will prepare your professional Deed Poll and despatch it to you within 3 working days. If you need it urgently, we can dispatch it within 1 working day for an additional fee.

UK Child Deed Poll

UK Child Deed Poll£25.00

If you want to change the name of a child under the age of 16, who is a British National, you may require a Deed Poll. It's important to note that anyone with parental responsibility (PR) for the child must give permission for the name change in order for the Deed to be valid. To find out how to determine who has PR for your child, read our FAQs here.

A Deed Poll, once signed and witnessed, is a formal legal document stating the child is giving up their previous name and you intend to use their newly chosen new name for all purposes.

A Deed created by Vital Certificates is guaranteed to be accepted by all UK governmental departments, such as HM Passport Office, as well as banks and education institutions.

As well as a professionally drafted and bound Deed Poll document, you will receive a digital help guide on making the Deed legally binding and a comprehensive guide on creating a consent letter to support the Deed.