Applying for a British Passport

There have been many changes to UK Passport Applications over the past few years, one of which is the requirement to supply a Full Birth Certificate to support your application. A full birth certificate (also known as a long-form or A4 birth certificate) is one that includes the names of both parents (assuming both were named at the time of your birth).  If you only have a short birth certificate that simply states your name, date of birth and place of birth, you will need to order a new certificate.

For Married Women

If you have changed your name through marriage, please note that you will also need to supply a copy of your Marriage Certificate(s).

Have you Legally Changed Your Name?

For those people who have changed their name either by Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration, you will need to supply a copy of this document along with your birth certificate.

For Adopted Persons

Under UK law, no organisation can demand that you show an original birth certificate if you have been adopted. A copy of your Adoption Certificate will have replaced your birth certificate, rendering the birth certificate invalid for legal use. 

I Have Been Told I Need An 'Original' Certificate?

There is a great deal of confusion regarding the status of original and certified copies of birth certificates. The passport office will not accept a certified photocopy of your birth certificate. This is what they are referring to when they state that certified copies are not acceptable.

An original Certified Copy of an Entry of Birth (which is the official name for a replacement original birth certificate) is fully accepted by the passport office. This is what is referred to as an Original Birth Certificate, and what is supplied by Vital Certificates.

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