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UK Birth Certificate Information

We supply official Birth Certificate replacements from the long-form version archived at the time of the birth registration. Any birth recorded within England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland can be re-issued, along with births that occurred outside the United Kingdom but were registered with the appropriate UK authority within the country of birth. These would include Armed Forces, Consular, High Commission or Embassy registrations.

What kind of birth certificate will I receive?

All birth certificates are issued by the appropriate government registrars, and are what is known as the ‘Long-Form’, ‘Full’ or ‘A4’ birth certificate. These Long-Form Birth Certificates will include any details of the birth parents of the child. In the case where the father of the child was either not known, or not identified at the time of registration, only the mother would be named. This differs from a Short Birth Certificate which does not include any parents’ names.

We always issue long-form certificates as standard, unless otherwise requested. Whereas some areas of the UK will still issue a short-form certificate, they are slowly being phased out and will shortly be unavailable for request. This is due to the short-form certificate not being a valid for of ID.

What date can I request a birth certificate from?

Our birth records are limited to the beginning of civil registration within each country. For England and Wales this dates back to July 1st 1837, for Scotland it is January 1st 1855 and for Northern Ireland it is July 1st 1864.

Can I request someone else's birth certificate?

Under UK law, birth certificates are known as Public Records which means that any person can apply for a copy of any certificate, providing that they know the details of the birth that is required. This can be helpful for both government and legal services needing proof of birth, as well as family history (genealogy) researchers looking to discover new ancestors. Please note however that where we believe an application to be connected with an attempt to obtain information for the purposes of identity fraud, the application may be rejected and details passed to the relevant police authority.

What if the child was adopted after birth?

If the child has subsequently been adopted, the birth certificate can only be obtained if the original birth name of the child is known. We cannot issue a birth certificate under an adopted name, unless the adopted name is the same as the birth name. In these cases, you should apply for an Adoption Certificate instead. The birth certificate of an adopted person will be written on showing that the birth certificate is now out of date as it has been superseded by the adoption. Therefore it will rarely be needed for any official purpose, with the Adoption Certificate replacing the birth certificate for official purposes.