Service Guarantee

All certificates are backed by our unique 100% guarantee that any certificate will be accepted by UK and worldwide authorities.

Our guarantee to you

If for any reason a certificate issued by Vital Certificates is rejected we will:

  1. Refund your certificate IN FULL
  2. Replace your certificate free of charge
  3. Express deliver your replacement

Before we replace any certificate

You will need to provide contact details for the institution that is rejecting the certificate so that we can help the correct document get to them or validate their reasons for rejecting the document. This is the fastest way to help you correct any issue and reduce any delays.

Restrictions to the guarantee

This guarantee only applies where you have forwarded the document in its original form. If you photocopy the document, whether this photocopy is certified or not, you invalidate the terms of this guarantee. Only original documents are certified for use and are guaranteed with this process.

Some overseas authorities will require the original document to be legalised for use outside of the UK. This process is known as legalisation which requires the addition of an Apostille stamp by either the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office or the Embassy/Consulate of the receiving country (sometimes both). If you have not requested this missing form of legalisation for your certificate this guarantee is voided. We can of course arrange for this legalisation upon payment of the associated fees and return of the original document.