Planning a wedding in Cyprus? Get help from Vital Certificates

Planning a wedding in Cyprus? Get help from Vital Certificates

Dreaming of a wedding in Cyprus? That's not surprising, with the beautiful setting and perfect weather, what more could you want? Things can get complicated however when it comes to the legalities and paperwork. What do you need and how do you prepare them for use in Cyprus? We're here to answer all of your questions.

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I'm getting married in Cyprus - which documents could I need?

If you're preparing for a wedding in Cyprus, the documents required can differ depending on where in the country you're actually getting wed. Processes are much more localised than in the UK, (the regulations are decided within the municipality/district) so you will likely find differing information which can leave you going round in circles.

All of your documents will need to be "legalised" to be accepted when you arrive in country. Legalisation simply means having your documents verified as an original by the government of the issuing country by having stamps applied to the reverse - think of it as a passport for your documents. Without these official stamps, they won't be accepted in Cyprus.

There is a set of 4 documents that you will always require, regardless of where you're getting married; you'll just need to check if you need to provide anything else based on your and your fiancť's personal circumstances. Also bear in mind that this information is based on a civil marriage, not a religious one. Weddings in an Orthodox Church in Cyprus have very different requirements which you'll find more information about further down this page. The most common documents include:

birth certificate

Birth/Adoption Certificate

You'll both need an original copy of your long-form (A4) birth or adoption certificate. In order to have the certificate processed correctly, the legalisation stamps need to be applied to an original, so a photocopy (even if it's been certified) isn't acceptable. If you only have a short-form version of your certificate, we can help you get a long-form for this purpose.

CNI Document

Statutory Declaration

You and your partner will both need to get a Statutory Declaration from a solicitor or Notary Public. The wording in the Stat Dec is dependent on your circumstances, for example if you've never been married or you're divorced. The document needs to have been issued within 3 months of your wedding date, so don't apply for it too early before the big day. Please note that if you are Scotland, you will need to apply for a CNI instead.

If you're divorced...

Decree Absolute

Decree Absolute

If you're divorced, you'll need to provide an original copy of your Decree Absolute to show you're now free to legally marry.

If your ex-partner passed away...

Death Certificate

Death Certificate

If you're a widower, you'll need an original of your spouse's death certificate along with your other documentation.

If you've changed your name...

Deed Poll

Deed Poll

If you've changed to your current name by Deed Poll, you must provide an original copy. Lost it? Get a replacement here.


How do I know which documents I need?

To find out exactly which documents you will need, you'll need to speak to whoever is arranging your wedding in Cyprus if you're using a wedding planner, or someone at the local Town Hall ("Dimos") who can advise you. They'll give you the most accurate information.

How are documents legalised for Cyprus?

To have your documents legalised for use in Cyprus, you'll need to have them Apostilled by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. This needs to be done for all documents you're presenting for your marriage. For a Cypriot marriage, you don't need to have them translated into Greek if the original documents are in English. Do bear in mind however that the officiant may keep some of the documents you provide for their records, so it's important to ensure you have copies for future use. If you'd like copies produced for the purpose of your wedding, we can help with that!

How does it work?

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    Certification (If Required)

    Firstly, your Statutory Declarations will be produced and witnessed by a solicitor or Notary Public (or if you're in Scotland, a CNI from the Registry Office). It will need to then be certified by an FCDO-registered (Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office) solicitor. Some documents won't require this certification step, such as your birth or adoption certificate, but others will, such as a Decree Absolute or a Deed Poll.

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    Apostille Legalisation

    Next, your documents will be Apostilled at the FCDO. This is a small certificate affixed to the back and stamped, to validate it as a genuine UK-issued document.

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    Official Translation

    Documents will be accepted in English, but if any of your documents are in any other language you will need to have them officially translated by the Embassy of the issuing country, and then legalised by them before they will be accepted.

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    Remember that your Statutory Decarations (or CNIs if applicable) are only valid for 3 months from their date of issue. You'll need to time having them produced and then getting them legalised, to ensure they're ready for when you travel out to Cyprus for the ceremony.


Special Requirements for a Greek Orthodox Church Marriage

If the wedding is to take place within an Orthodox Church, rather than in a Civil Ceremony, the requirements may be different and you may require a translation.

You'll need to speak to the officiant who's marrying you in Cyprus to check what documents they'll need and how they'd like them to be processed in the UK.

How much does it cost?

greek legalisation package

Standard Cypriot Wedding Package


  • Solicitor Certification of both yours and your partner's Statutory Declarations
  • Legalisation of both yours and your partner's Statutory Declarations
  • Legalisation of both yours and your partner's Birth/Adoption Certificates

Additional Documents


In some cases you may require additional documents certified and legalised alongside the standard package. These could include:

  • Decree Absolute
  • Deed Poll
  • Death Certificate

Getting married somewhere else?


Wherever you decide to get hitched, we can help prepare your documentation. Whether you're getting married in the Seychelles, Mexico, Saint Lucia or the Bahamas, we've got all of the expertise to help you get things sorted in the quickest and most stress-free way possible. Just click the button below, give us a bit of information on where you're getting married and what documents you've been asked to have legalised, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with everything you need to know.


  • Yes, we will need your original documents in order to process them for you. Some documents may need certification, but this will always be done on the original; the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) will not accept photocopies.

  • No, it needs to be an official Embassy-approved translation who complete this for you. If itís not done by them, then the Embassy will not verify it when itís sent to them for the final stage. We always use approved translators who have a long and successful track record of handling these document types for the purposes of getting married in Cyprus.

  • Yes, it can still be translated, but it may need to be done outside of the UK. We can help with documents wherever they were issued, so you can rest assured we can handle your documents for you.

  • Of course, weíve done this many times. If youíre travelling to Cyprus but your documents wonít be ready in time for your journey, we can have them couriered directly to you.

  • Unfortunately, no. Itís not possible to have an official wedding ceremony in Cyprus currently, though it is possible to have a blessing. Many same-sex couples choose to do this and have their formal ceremony at a registry office when they return home, to get the official paperwork.

  • Thereís generally an 8-day residency requirement to be in Cyprus before youíre able to marry there. This may change dependent on where youíre getting married in Cyprus, so itís important to check with whoever is planning your ceremony and helping with the paperwork.